FUNdraising Events for 2013


We are pleased to announce the first of our FUNdraising events for 2013

Film Night – The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner: 21st and 28th January

January Updates: Cookery Course, 5-a-Side tournament…

‘The FUNdraiser’: our fundraising newsletter, first issue

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Film Night

The Challenge of Ruldof Steiner

See here for more details of the film.

Filmed during 2011 – the 150th anniversary year of Rudolf Steiner’s birth – this two-part documentary by veteran film-maker Jonathan Stedall tells the story of Steiner’s remarkable life (1861-1925), as well as exploring the influence of his ideas and insights on a whole range of contemporary activities – education, agriculture, medicine, social and financial issues, and the arts. 

The film will be introduced by Fynn Stirm, our eurythmy teacher.

Presented in two parts. Contact Marco ( for further details.


January Updates

Are you bored of eating the same old things?
We’ve put together a selection of evenings to inspire you to adapt recipes to suit you and your lifestyle with Harmony House Cookery School. Cook up some new ideas for suppers, starters, sweets and snacks for all the family. From sauces to soufflés and cheesecakes to choux, picnics and parties to bread and baking
£15 per session or £75 for the six weeks on Wednesday’s starting Maximum of eight places

View or download the full Fundraising January 2013 Events Update as a pdf here.



‘The FUNdraiser’

Find out about our plans for 2013, who to contact and how you can get involved! Please download the first issue of our fundraising newsletter here: The FUNdraiser Issue 1

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Friends of York Steiner School


Friends: A New Group from York Steiner School

We are very pleased to announce the Friends of York Steiner School, a new group open to anyone with a connection to our school, particularly our ex-pupils and their families.

In the beginning, Friends of York Steiner School will offer;

  • dedicated web pages at
  • newsletters with updates from school and our current classes
  • news from our alumni and their adventures in the wide world
  • events for alumni and their families
  • that warm feeling that only Friends of York Steiner School really know!

We hope that, with your input, we can offer much more to our Friends in the future as the group develops.

The full announcement can be viewed or downloaded as a pdf here: FOYSS announcement

If you would like to join the Friends, please complete and return the following form: Join the FOYSS

Alternatively, complete the form online here.

Feel free to browse our Friends pages so far, including a Welcome letter from Michael Rose and pictorial memories from many moons ago!

We look forward to welcoming all our Friends, both old and new!

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Advent Fair Report


REVIEW: ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR                  24TH November 2012

Grace Richmond reporting from the York Steiner School Advent Fair.

The first thing that strikes me on entering the school is the wonderful decorations hanging down from the ceiling and on the windows. The smell of all this foliage is breathtaking.

Further along the corridor I can smell waffles and ‘hot dogs’ cooking.

About me children are dressed as elves, pixies and fairies and a tall man wearing a long robe and a false beard calls out, “The puppet show is about to begin, upstairs, in 2 minutes” and a few kids run off.

There is a great party atmosphere. I can hear a choir singing and I stop and listen to their beautiful harmonies.

I enter a large hall, which has been turned in to a market place with stalls selling homemade gifts, from felt cushions to ginger bread houses and everything in between!

A girl wearing bright yellow dungarees and a green hat tells me to go and eat at the amazing children’s café, so I make my way up there; it’s a lovely little room draped in blue and white cloths, a Christmas tree with presents of all different shapes and sizes lying underneath it.

I load up my plate with pasta salad, pizza, humus, veggies and much more… and all for just £1.50!

In the room next door I look at the 12 days of Christmas in miniature. It is the most magical place I have ever experienced and I got to make a wish!

I am definitely coming here again and I don’t even have to wait a year as the school hosts a fair in the spring too, and you should all put this in your calendar.

By Grace Richmond.

Class 6.


A huge thanks to Class 3 for organising the Fair!

An amazing total of over £9700 was raised on the day, with more than 725 adults – and many more children! – visiting us this year. The school looked incredibly festive with beautiful decorations everywhere.  The International Café was piled high with lots of beautiful cakes, the Main Café filled many an empty tummy with tasty goodness, and the Grotto was a magical feast based on the 12 days of Christmas.  The constant queue was testimony to the special place which is our Grotto, and over 400 hand-made gifts were given to Grotto visitors during the day.  Special thanks to Dee and Sophia for designing and coordinating the Grotto again!

A very big Thank You to all parents who donated time, energy, blood, sweat and tears to make the Advent Fair such a wonderful day.  The Office.

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St. Crux News – Update!


We raised a whopping £1000!

All our thanks to everyone who donated, carried, shifted, baked, sold, wrapped and stacked.  Well done all. Emma and Gaynor (Class 2)


On December 5th the school will have its annual cafe and bric-a-brac sale at St. Crux church, situated at the end of the Shambles.  This is next Wednesday!

Twice a year we have the use of St Crux for this purpose and its a lovely way to make some extra money for the school.  This year Emma Cooper (KG1/Cl1) and Gaynor Evans (KG1/Cl2) are organising the day and we very much need your help to make it a success.

We rely on volunteers to staff the cafe and bric-a-brac stalls, provide the food to sell in the cafe inside the church, and bric-a-brac and books to sell outside on the stalls.  The rota for the day and a pledge list for items for the cafe is in the main corridor – please sign up to help in any way you can.

We realise that many of you have children in early years, so to make it easier for you to get involved there will be an afternoon school creche open to any children in early years – sign up for a place in the main corridor.

Who and what we need:
Drivers and helpers at school from 8:50 on the day to load up bric-a-brac, books, food etc to take to St Crux

Volunteers to help set up the cafe and stalls at St Crux from 9am
Volunteers to staff the cafe and bric-a-brac stalls

Volunteers to help clear-up at the end of the day and take unsold items to charity shops and the tip

Lots of donations of cakes, sandwich fillings, and soups to serve in the cafe

Donations of bric-a-brac to sell – please only whole, unbroken items.

Please bring your bric-a-brac to school and leave outside the cupboard at the bottom of the staircase leading up to the cafe.

Any food donations should be left on the school entrance table on the afternoon of Tuesday 4th December or first thing Wednesday morning.

With best wishes and thanks in anticipation of your help!

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Edith Bierman and York Steiner School


The cover of our 2013 School Calendar is a photo of a painting created by Edith Bierman.  Edith has a special place in the history of our school, as well as in anthroposophy and eurythmy in particular, and we thought we should share that with you.

The painting was created by Edith Bierman (1908-2012), who is believed to have been one of the last living people to have met Rudolf Steiner. Around 1980 Edith became the first teacher to the York Steiner School teachers, and it was at this time that she painted the Welcome sign for the Ryedale Waldorf School, which subsequently became York Steiner School. Michael and Joan Rose, Martyn Rawson, Linda Fryer, Neil Fulstow and Ann-Marie Macdonald, who became class teachers in the school, are among those who were taught by her.

Edith Bierman died on 4th May 2012 at the age of 104. Her obituary can be found here (also here as a pdf). In her life she was a Eurythmist as well as a water colour painter. She created a set of pictures of the Eurythmy forms for the Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner. Some of these may be viewed here.

The Welcome painting was re-found in a cupboard by Michael Rose who restored and framed it, with the frame having been carved by Edith’s husband. It currently lives in its restored state in the staff room. The verse reads,

Welcome to Rydale Waldorf School
My thoughts fly toward school
There my body learns meaningful movement
There my soul gathers strength for life
There my spirit awakens to the true Being of Man

After Rudolf Steiner
A Blessing on the School

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Calendars and Cards Now Available!


York Steiner School 2013 Calendar, Birthday Calendar & Christmas Cards

The York Steiner School 2013 Calendar is now available to buy from the school office at the bargain price of £6!  The calendar is A4 sized and comprises of photographs taken by parents and reflects a flavour of daily life within school. All proceeds go to the school fund.

This year we have also produced a Birthday Calendar which can be used year after year to note Birthdays and Anniversaries. The calendar features some of the children’s paintings. Each calendar will also be priced £6 with all proceeds going to  school funds.

Each calendar will be on display outside the School office.

School Christmas cards are now on sale priced £2.50 per pack of 10 in the School shop. Each pack contains  5 children’s paintings of which you get 2 in each pack.

Calendar’s and cards will also be available at the Advent Fair on the Home Produce Stall.

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Advent Fair – call for action!


The Advent Fair is just over a week away, and class 3 are busy as bees with final organisation. If you can help in providing any of the following, please contact Lyndsey or Sue from Class 3, email us at or ask at the school office.

  • Raffle Tickets – please sell and return stubs and money by Monday 19th if possible!
  • White table cloths are needed for the cafe, do you have any?
  • More home produce needed – please bring in jams, chutneys, pickles, cakes, bread…
  • Are you able to make a vegetarian quiche or a dessert for the cafe? Please tell us!
  • Cafe also needs large pots and pans, and serving dishes
  • Finally cakes, CAKES, CAKES!!! Please bring them on the day for continental cafe

All your help is much appreciated and is what makes our Fairs so wonderful. See you all on the 24th!

With grateful thanks from the organisers in Class 3!


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Changing Views on Education


Changing Views on Education

There seems to have been a flurry of articles in the mainstream press over the last couple of months discussing the way academic studies are providing insights into how the modern world is affecting the development and education of children.  These studies appear to support the pedagogical structures in place in Steiner schools and the ‘age-appropriate’ nature of Steiner Waldorf education.

Here are a selection of those articles.

Social media limits pre-teens’ experiences, says neuroscientist Baroness Greenfield

Link to full article. Download the original TES_article as a pdf.

Ban under-threes from watching TV, says study

Prof Mitch Blair, officer for health promotion at the college, said: “Whether it’s mobile phones, games consoles, TVs or laptops, advances in technology mean children are exposed to screens for longer amounts of time than ever before. We are becoming increasingly concerned, as are paediatricians in several other countries, as to how this affects the rapidly developing brain in children and young people.”

Link to full article. Download Under threes and TV article as a pdf.

Steiner education works! German study shows

New research shows that Steiner students learn with more enthusiasm and interest, feel more supported, and know their strengths better than students in mainstream schools.

SWSF link. Original link (in German: use Google Translate to read if required!)

Boredom is good for children, says Oxford professor, because it encourages creativity

‘Boredom encourages creativity. Children’s bedrooms littered with bears receiving emergency treatment or dolls circumnavigating the turbulent “carpet seas” are everyday evidence of how boredom fires the imagination.’

Link to article. Download Boredom is good for children as a pdf.

Why Waldorf?

Finally, here is a wonderful film made by Marin Waldorf School with parents, children and other members of their school community demonstrating how our education works in practise, and why a parent should consider Steiner Waldorf education for their children.


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Latest Newsletter


Our latest web newsletter can be opened here NewsletterAutumn or in the ‘blackboard’ menu at the right of every page.

Thank you!

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School Photographs Now Available!


This year’s School Class Photos are now available to view and order! They are all on display outside the school shop.

Prices are £5 for 1 copy, £9 for 2 copies, £12 for 3 copies and £3 for any additional copies after the first 3.

Please place your orders with Gill in the school office by 19th November!

Thank you!

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