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The Wonders of Work Week!

As always, the first week after term ends for Summer is Work Week.  This year has been a busy one, and below you will see a few of the achievements so far.  An enormous “Thank You!” to all the parents and staff who have contributed their time and energy to improve the school environment for our children.

New Class 6!

Sally has left her old class 5 room and has a brand-new classroom – with a red door, of course! And it looks bright, light and lovely.

From bare room to class room in under a week! Well… almost.

Class 1 2012/13

Here is Jonny’s first blackboard drawing, still left up from after Jumping The Rope.

The classroom has been cleaned and has new shelves and cupboards.  Looks like the class room sign has been refreshed too!

For Gill

Gill, everyone’s favourite bejewelled lovely, has a new sign over her window.  The sign had been stored away, but is too good to gather dust in a cupboard.


Judy, Eloise and various parents have worked miracles in the handwork room, which is now cleaner and tidier than ever before!

Thank You!

Much more is still going on, with all the classes moving rooms over the summer and plenty of take-home jobs taken home. The benefits for the children will be plain to see when we return, and make it all worthwhile. Thanks again for all your efforts.  See you in the new school year!


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