Edith Bierman and York Steiner School


The cover of our 2013 School Calendar is a photo of a painting created by Edith Bierman.  Edith has a special place in the history of our school, as well as in anthroposophy and eurythmy in particular, and we thought we should share that with you.

The painting was created by Edith Bierman (1908-2012), who is believed to have been one of the last living people to have met Rudolf Steiner. Around 1980 Edith became the first teacher to the York Steiner School teachers, and it was at this time that she painted the Welcome sign for the Ryedale Waldorf School, which subsequently became York Steiner School. Michael and Joan Rose, Martyn Rawson, Linda Fryer, Neil Fulstow and Ann-Marie Macdonald, who became class teachers in the school, are among those who were taught by her.

Edith Bierman died on 4th May 2012 at the age of 104. Her obituary can be found here (also here as a pdf). In her life she was a Eurythmist as well as a water colour painter. She created a set of pictures of the Eurythmy forms for the Calendar of the Soul by Rudolf Steiner. Some of these may be viewed here.

The Welcome painting was re-found in a cupboard by Michael Rose who restored and framed it, with the frame having been carved by Edith’s husband. It currently lives in its restored state in the staff room. The verse reads,

Welcome to Rydale Waldorf School
My thoughts fly toward school
There my body learns meaningful movement
There my soul gathers strength for life
There my spirit awakens to the true Being of Man

After Rudolf Steiner
A Blessing on the School

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