Advent Fair Report


REVIEW: ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR                  24TH November 2012

Grace Richmond reporting from the York Steiner School Advent Fair.

The first thing that strikes me on entering the school is the wonderful decorations hanging down from the ceiling and on the windows. The smell of all this foliage is breathtaking.

Further along the corridor I can smell waffles and ‘hot dogs’ cooking.

About me children are dressed as elves, pixies and fairies and a tall man wearing a long robe and a false beard calls out, “The puppet show is about to begin, upstairs, in 2 minutes” and a few kids run off.

There is a great party atmosphere. I can hear a choir singing and I stop and listen to their beautiful harmonies.

I enter a large hall, which has been turned in to a market place with stalls selling homemade gifts, from felt cushions to ginger bread houses and everything in between!

A girl wearing bright yellow dungarees and a green hat tells me to go and eat at the amazing children’s café, so I make my way up there; it’s a lovely little room draped in blue and white cloths, a Christmas tree with presents of all different shapes and sizes lying underneath it.

I load up my plate with pasta salad, pizza, humus, veggies and much more… and all for just £1.50!

In the room next door I look at the 12 days of Christmas in miniature. It is the most magical place I have ever experienced and I got to make a wish!

I am definitely coming here again and I don’t even have to wait a year as the school hosts a fair in the spring too, and you should all put this in your calendar.

By Grace Richmond.

Class 6.


A huge thanks to Class 3 for organising the Fair!

An amazing total of over £9700 was raised on the day, with more than 725 adults – and many more children! – visiting us this year. The school looked incredibly festive with beautiful decorations everywhere.  The International Café was piled high with lots of beautiful cakes, the Main Café filled many an empty tummy with tasty goodness, and the Grotto was a magical feast based on the 12 days of Christmas.  The constant queue was testimony to the special place which is our Grotto, and over 400 hand-made gifts were given to Grotto visitors during the day.  Special thanks to Dee and Sophia for designing and coordinating the Grotto again!

A very big Thank You to all parents who donated time, energy, blood, sweat and tears to make the Advent Fair such a wonderful day.  The Office.

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