Supporting Glasgow Steiner School


Towards the end of March, Glasgow Steiner School suffered a terrible fire. The school has been extensively damaged, with the tower collapsing into the building.

There are now plans to rebuild the school, which was in a listed building, although it seems that only the outside walls will be usable. Until this happens, the school have found temporary accommodation and are beginning to reopen.

To show the Glasgow School how much we have been thinking of them, and to offer the little help we can, today was Scottish Day at York Steiner School!

The teachers and children alike dressed up in Scottish-themed costumes to raise awareness and a little money. Here are some photos from the day:

Flying the flag!


The Tartan Army… with a particularly fine moustache there.


Sally (Class 6) and Vivienne (Class 7) ready to catch their own tea. You’ll have had yours… ?!

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