St. John’s Festival 2013


Full flaming fire, by thy light glowing
Show us your beauty, vision and joy!


Our St. John’s festival was held on the summer solstice, 21st June. Despite a dull start to the day, our fire burnt away the clouds and we enjoyed a festival blessed with sunshine. All the classes, teachers and plenty of parents joined in the celebration as we passed through into the second half of the year.

Let’s hope the rest of the summer is as bright, energising and fun as was this year’s St. John’s festival!

[Clicking on the picture above will show a much bigger version!]

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Dragon Boat Race 2013


We now have a full crew of seaworthy Steiner Sailors!

Thank you to all those who have volunteered – or fallen victim to the pressgang – for a life on the high seas.

This year’s race will take place in just over 3 weeks, on Sunday 14th July 2013.

While the event is wonderful entertainment for all, it is also a serious York fundraiser. York Rotary Club estimate it has raised over £600,000 in it’s first 10 years! Our school has benefited from that, and we are most grateful to the Rotary Club for their organisation of the event, to the sailors past and present, and to all those who have supported the good causes. More info on the race can be found by clicking here.

A selection of mildly scary photos (especially if you suffer from coulrophobia) are also available here!

A wonderful way to support the Steiner Sailors would be to visit their page here, to let them know how much we appreciate their efforts.

Thank you all!

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Eurythmy Events


Parents new to Steiner education – and even those not so new! – often ask, ‘What is Eurthmy?’  One way to find the answer is to ask a eurythmist!  We are privileged to have Fynn Stirm as our Eurythmy teacher here in York.  Fynn has organised several events for June which we hope will prove interesting, stimulating and captivating, as well as offering an insight into Eurythmy as an art form.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to experience eurythmy in theory and practise.

From Fynn:

In 1912, 101 years ago Rudolf Steiner was given the opportunity to create eurythmy. It had taken shape in him over many years and when eventually unwrapped and handed over he immediately placed it into the canon of the 9 muses there to grow alongside poetry, music, sculpture, dance etc. He said: this is the new one. It truly comes towards us all from the future and will keep growing and growing.

I’ve worked with eurythmy for 30 years, 20 at this school and it’s again time to open doors and windows for all of you to take a closer look. Here are the opportunities:

Saturday, June 22, 3 pm – 5 pm “The three gifts of the North Wind” a fairy tale performed by the West Midlands Eurythmy Group

£12 for the whole family (£10 concessions), £5 for individuals.

Tuesday, June 25 8 pmMy take on eurythmy” presentations & talk. Practical insights into my ongoing work with adults and background reasoning

I hope to be seeing you there in good numbers.

Fynn Stirm

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