Handwork exhibition


At the end of every school year we celebrate with a festival. The major part of this is the gathering of all the classes and their families to see the performances of each class. Alongside this, there are exhibitions of the children’s work from some of the classes.

Below are some of the items made by children in Handwork classes over 2012-13, which were exhibited first in the handwork room, and which we are now proud to exhibit online!

Thanks to all the children for their wonderful work, and to Judy Gray, our handwork teacher, and Eloise Dalby, who assisted in handwork during the year.

Click on the image for a much larger version!

Socks, and a felted bowl, made by members of Class 5.


Dolls, with carrying bags, made by members of Class 1.


Dolls, each representing a different profession, made by members of Class 3.


Animals, made by members of Class 6.

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