Happy Halloween!


Hopefully your Halloween has been full of treats and not too many tricks…

At school we were lucky to have a Halloween Stall organised by KG parents Andrea, Dee and Naomi. Thank you to everyone else who helped on the stall, and an enormous !Thank You! to all who crafted gifts, donated items and baked cakes. The stall looked fantastic and raised well over £200!

Below are some photos showing just how gruesome – and gorgeous – the stall was.

Happy Halloween to all!


Here are the witches, Andrea and Dee, with their cat Naomi…


Foul, FOUL fingers! But apparently very tasty.


What a wonderful witch!


Gruesome Gingerbread Ghouls… enough to give Stephen King nightmares!


It’s behind you!


Bats, cats, ghosts and gravestones….

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