Advent Grotto 2013 & Goodbye Dee!


Today was our End of Term festival in both Early Years and the Main School. It was a wonderful occasion, with the classes presenting everything from a 13th Century French poem (in French) to Martin Luther King’s incredible speech from 1963.

As part of the festival we said ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ to families joining and leaving the school during the term. One of the families leaving us this term are Dee and Colin  Nuttall, with Jack and Evie, who are moving to Australia.

Dee and Jess Watson-Cainer have been the driving force behind the design of our Spring and Advent Grottos, which have become more and more magical and wondrous over the past few years (Thanks to Dee and Colin for making the films of the Grottos!).  We would like to thank Dee for all she has done to help make the Grotto the special place it is. Here are some pictures of this year’s Advent Grotto, with a Narnia theme (including wardrobe!) for all to enjoy.

Finally, thanks to Olivia Brabbs for taking Grotto photos for us!

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