Open Classrooms Evening Details!


We are glad to be able to invite all our parents, from those in Parent and Child Groups right through to those in their final year at school, to join us for our Open Classrooms Evening on Wednesday 12th March 2014, from 7 pm until 9 pm.

All the classrooms 1 – 8 will be open for an hour between 7 – 8 pm so that parent’s can have a look around at their leisure.  There will be examples of the children’s work on display and the class teachers will be on hand if anyone has anything they would like to ask.

At 8.15 pm there will be a number of different workshops on offer.  These have been planned to give a more in depth look at how and why our school teaches what it does when!   There are 15 places available at each workshops and to join we ask that you sign up on the forms opposite the school office, and would recommend to do this as soon as you can, as places are filling up fast!

The lessons and workshops available are:

Gym – Games Across the Curriculum (classes 2 – 6) – Hannah
Handwork – Judy
Science – Jonathan
Form Drawing – Helen
German Taster Session – Focus on classes 1 – 3 – Nadia
French in Class 4 – Rachael
French Taster Session – Focus on classes 6 – 8 – Elisabeth
German Taster Session – Focus on classes 5 – 8 – Antje
Class 8 – Experience A Lesson – Vivienne
Child Development – Transition in classes 5 – 6 – Margareth
Eurythmy – Fynn
Drop In Room – Maths, English and Science in the older classes – Sally and Annabel
The cafe will be open during the evening to create a social space and to offer refreshment.  Some ex-pupils will be manning the cafe and will be around for a chat if anyone wants a first hand view of ‘life after Steiner School’!
This is the first such event that has been offered in recent years and everyone if very excited to share more about the education with our parents!  Do note however that it is a parent’s event, no children!

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