We welcome you to join us as we paint stories with starlight!

“My name is Katie Lou McCabe and I went to Botton Steiner School.

With the help of Amy Ellis and Abi Porter, I am using my art to raise money for both Botton and York Steiner Schools.

I have turned my dreams into music and my music into light and my light into stories, as well as creating a world for my audience to walk in. This is Starfishing!

There will be two performances of Starfishing on Saturday 20th of December at York Steiner School.

The first performance is at 15:30 (doors open at 15:00) and the second at 20:00 (doors open at 19:30). Unfortunately, the performances will not be suitable for those under 14 years old. PLEASE NOTE THE MATINEE PERFORMANCE START TIME IS NOW LATER THAN INITIALLY ADVERTISED. This is to ensure the best experience of a light-sensitive performance.

Tickets are £12 and can be purchased from the reception at York Steiner School or pay on the door.

For more information about the performance and tickets see my website –

Here is a review of a recent performance of Starfishing.

Katie is also interviewed in the latest issue of One & Other.

(P.S. bare feet will be required, so don’t wear tights!)

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The Advent Fair – in pictures!


The 22nd November saw well over 1000 adults and children visit school for our Advent Fair. After a week or more of busy, busier and frantic preparation, the school looked fabulous when the doors opened. Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a success, and thank you to all our visitors!

Here are some photos from the day, taken by Olivia Brabbs (a parent in Silver Birch KG) – please scroll down to see them all, and click on each picture for a larger view.

Before the storm…

Advent Stars

Craft Group’s wares

Good knight!

… and a knight’s nemesis!

Class 7 sold beautiful gingerbread houses


…. and homemade sweets and tree decorations

Class 4 had made their own game of chance, and all the prizes!

Tempting things everywhere…

Kindergarten families made everything for our International Food stall

Steady now… steady… BUZZZZZZZ!

One of many gnomie gardens

Making gnomie gardens

Everyone loves a gnomie garden!

Space for more stuff in the garden?

Louis and singers in full, fine voice

Michael and Bryn fiddle and strum, whistle and hum, sing along through the day

Class 5 with their home produce stall

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