MA Education: Steiner Waldorf Pathway


Please find below details of the new MA Education; Steiner Waldorf Pathway.  The course runs at Canterbury Christ Church University, in Kent.

The information about the Steiner Waldorf pathway is available as a pdf to download here: MA Education: Steiner Waldorf Pathway

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The Solar Eclipse Experience


On Friday 20th March we were lucky to experience the almost-total solar eclipse from our school playgrounds. Every child in school was involved, from the kindergartens (ages 3 to 6) up to class 8 (age 13-14).  It was an ideal day for Class 7, who are studying astronomy as part of their main lesson and science curriculum!

We set up binocular and pinhole projectors, the children used colanders and other pinholes as well as reflcetors to project their own images of the eclipse, and there was plenty of direct viewing through safety foil.

Here are some of the images from the day…

Class 1 children and teacher setting up pinhole viewers

Class 1 children and teacher setting up pinhole viewers

Classes 1-8 come out to see the eclipse

Classes 1-8 come out to see the eclipse

Colander projection on somebody's back!

Colander projection on somebody’s back!




Binocular projection onto paper


Image through safety foil

Image through safety foil


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Upper School Talks


As part of our ongoing investigation of extending our provision to age 16 – 18, the Upper School Development Group is hosting a series of talks to present various models of Steiner Upper Schools, and to invite discussion around these models.

The first talk is on Monday 16th March at 7 pm in school, and will be by Tony Andrews from Ringwood School. Tony will present the Steiner School Certificate which is relatively new, and now in place in 5 UK Steiner Schools, including Ringwood.
We hope to see you there!


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Red Nose Day!


This Friday (13th March) is Comic Relief Red Nose Day, and the government has agreed to match all the money raised by schools.

Our children will be coming to school in fancy dress, with each class deciding on their own theme.  The easiest way to donate to our Red Nose Day fundraising is by going to our official Red Nose Day Giving Page.  We have an overall target of £500 and it would be great if we can achieve it!

There will also be a Red Nose bake sale on Friday, so all cake bakers and cake eaters are warmly invited to join in!

Thank you for all your support!

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Concert for Angela


We are proud to announce a Concert will be held on Saturday 21st March to remember and celebrate Angela Michel.  Angela’s life was full of music, particularly singing, and she brought that into school in many ways over many years.  Not least, Angela was a member of the vocal group Soundsphere.

Soundsphere and many other musicians will come together for this concert, including Chechelele, Lennanshees and more.

All proceeds from the concert will go to equally benefit the two causes closest to Angela’s heart; York Steiner School and Médecins Sans Frontières.  

Tickets are £10 for adults (£8 concessions), £5 for children, or £25 for a family ticket.  Tickets are available from York Steiner School. Please call in at the school office during school hours, or contact us ( or call 01904 654983 to reserve your tickets!

Some tickets will be available on the door. We look forward to sharing the music with you all!

Angela Concert Poster


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Gardening and Outdoor Teacher


Gardening Teacher post open for applications!

We are looking for an enthusiastic person to take on the exciting role of Gardening & Outdoor Teacher. We would use whatever skills you bring to expand and develop the gardening and outdoor provision curriculum. Please read the job description and additional information carefully to understand how we hope this role will have a fundamental impact on the outdoor learning experience of the children.

The Additional Information (pdf) shows how we hope this role will develop over time.

The closing date for applications is 13th March at 12 noon.  Please contact school if you would like further information.

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