What are our Life Ideals? An Evening with Anton Kimpfler: Friday 2nd December


What are our life ideals, and how can we realise them more effectively?

Given the profound connection Steiner makes between our life’s ideals and the period of our adolescence, we hope you will be moved to join us: we continue in the USDG to prepare the way for our own York Upper School Initiative, and all insights help make the way clear!

Anton Kimpfler is an author, journalist and lecturer. He lives in Germany, but spends much of his time travelling and running workshops with very diverse groups of people.
He has been coming to York Steiner School regularly for more than 25 years. His talks tackle themes of immense significance to the individual, the social and the global dimensions of our lives and Anton can be relied upon to explore perspectives unique to these times.

Join us on Friday 2nd December at 7:30pm.


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