York Steiner School Open Day February 4th


An opportunity to experience York Steiner School lessons, tour the school and talk to teachers and parents.

Two tours available: 11am and 12 noon.

The tours will take you from kindergarten through to Class 8 and then to the science lab. There will be teachers to talk to and the chance to experience Class 1 circle time, modern foreign language teaching and a science lesson to conclude the tour.

Contact Julie in Admissions to book a place on one of the tours:
01904 654 983




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York Steiner School rated “good” overall


During the busy Advent period our school was visited by the Schools Inspection Service – they rated us good, with several areas outstanding!

Here are some excerpts from the SIS Report:

Main School:

“The school promotes a positive culture within which pupils are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and they respond very positively to this. Some older pupils said that they did not feel as if they ‘failed’ at anything and this increased their confidence and motivation. In most classes pupils co-operate very well and their behaviour is excellent. They listen carefully to their teachers and are sensitive to the concerns of their peers, often offering positive support and reinforcement to a member of the class.”

“They can write at length and their spelling, grammar and use of punctuation are very good. They achieve well in mathematics and science. Pupils learn to persevere with tasks even when they are challenging and they are encouraged always to produce their best possible work.”

“In the most effective lessons the pace of teaching is brisk and teachers’ expectations of what pupils will achieve are appropriately high. The tasks that pupils are given are interesting and enthuse them, helping to promote a love of learning.”

“Very thorough annual reports identify the progress made by individual pupils. Most teachers are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of pupils in their class, and tactful and unobtrusive guidance is provided in lessons for those that need it. The school is aware of the needs of the most able pupils and in most lessons they receive appropriately challenging work.”

“Pupils say there is very little bullying and if it does occur it is dealt with quickly. Pupils’ extremely positive view of themselves combined with their resilience and capacity for resolving issues makes a strong contribution to keeping incidents to a minimum.”

“All members of the school community exhibit a warmth and openness which allows pupils to enjoy their education and adults their working lives.”

Early Years:

“Teaching, learning and assessment are outstanding.”

“The close collaboration between teachers and teaching assistants creates highly effective teaching teams. Together they provide a judicious combination of teacher-led and child-initiated activities that engage children’s interest and promote their enthusiasm for learning. ”

“Throughout the Kindergarten children achieve outcomes, particularly in communication, social and manipulative skills, which are excellent in relation to their ability. They feel safe and secure and their behaviour, confidence and enjoyment of learning mean they are very well prepared for the next stage in their education. Children, including those with special educational needs, make good and sometimes excellent progress in their learning and their personal development. “

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