Epiphany Event Sunday 5th January


Thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed this wonderful event on Sunday.

Our teachers organised a wonderful afternoon for the school community to come together today for Epiphany to rekindle the light we all need to warm our way through the year.

Warm drinks and ‘King’s Cakes’ (with a bean in if you were the lucky one)were served.

Grown-ups’ wishes for the New Year at our school were collected on a ‘Wishing Tree’ while children’s wishes were carried by candle-lit walnut boats to come to land – and, we hope, to fruition – in the year ahead.

There were a few activities to choose from – a short ‘Kings’ Play’ to work on and present; a chance to learn some carols for the Epiphany season and sing those to us all; some crafts to make and games to play.

The wish tree will be in the school community room over the next week for people to add further wishes for our school for the year ahead.

A huge thank you to the teachers for organising such a heart warming event for the community.

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