Educational principles

Defining our Education Principles:

At York Steiner School, we have a holistic approach to learning and education. What this means in practice, is that whilst we work out of the principles and ideas developed by Rudolf Steiner, we also pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of your child today, living in the 21st century.

Our teachers are constantly engaged with developing these ideas to fit the individual needs of your child. There is much research and insight into pedagogy, (the method and practice of teaching). We use this word a lot in our school, as it keenly reflects our commitment to implementing best practice in the classroom, and to see what actually works with your individual child.

Some of our pedagogy comes from outside the Steiner method. This way, we can ensure that we are consistently enhancing our teaching methods and style, to directly impact on your child’s learning and well-being.

We work with multi-disciplinary professionals, including educational psychologists and occupational therapists where required, to continually enhance our understanding of your child.

We also work out of fundamental principles and these are outlined below. These provide a learning framework for everything that happens in the life of our school and are also used as a benchmark for us to evaluate our effectiveness.


  1. At York Steiner School, we understand that your child is unique. Understanding the developmental stages of childhood, our education is unhurried and absolutely age-appropriate.
  2. We believe that childhood is not a raceand that our job is to fuel the flame of learning in your child, so that a love of learning is something that will stay with your child throughout his or her lifetime.
  3. Our curriculum is broad, with a reverence for all of life and the interconnectedness of all things, including Nature, society and the larger world outside of the classroom.
  4. We believe in minimal testing, but naturally monitor progress and assess where appropriate.
  5. Cultivating healthy and respectful relationships to each other, we value qualities such as honesty, kindness and care.
  6. Whilst our work has evolved out of the insights of Rudolf Steiner, we use these solely as a foundation to enhance our understanding of your child in the context of today’s world.
  7. We use the outdoors, song, music and art,alongside tried and tested, traditional teaching methodologies to educate and inspire your child.
  8. Education at York Steiner School is immersive, inspiring and creative in the truest sense, as children experience a hands-on and experiential approach to learning.
  9. We believe that when pupils leave our school, they should be confident and resilient, able to take on the inevitable challenges that life throws their way.
  10. We can confidently say that we educate children for a lifetime. We equip our young people with the practical, social, emotional and mental skills they need to succeed in life, have fulfilling relationships with others and be happy, whatever path they choose.



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