Financial Information

The school depends on parental contributions to cover the majority of our costs.

We are proud to say that, from 1980 to the present day, no family has been turned away from our school simply through their limited ability to make a financial contribution.

Our heartfelt commitment to ‘equal accessibility’ makes us different from almost all other independent schools – including most Steiner Schools. Other schools have, of course, wanted to make themselves available to all comers, regardless of their ability to pay, but few have found a way to make that a lasting reality.  We deeply appreciate the efforts our parents make to cover the costs of providing the education we value so dearly.

The Contributions System

Each year we ask parents to complete a Contribution Agreement, a legally binding financial commitment to the school.

The school publishes it’s Recommended Contribution Rates per child, and we hope that each family will try to match this rate.

Families unable to offer the recommended rate contribute 10.5-13.5% of their gross family income, dependent on their total income.

Each year, every family agrees a contribution level with the school which is appropriate to their circumstances.  These agreements are made in a spirit of openness and trust, and we deeply appreciate our families meeting with us on this level. It is only through this spirit that we can continue to operate our current system and continue to offer our education to any family who truly wish to bring their child to us.

Current recommended contribution rates can be found here:

Contribution Information for Early Years 2019/20

Contribution Information for Main School Form 2019/20

If you would like further information, or would like to talk to the Finance Manager about financial issues, please contact the school directly.


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