Ongoing Partnership

Together, we are stronger.

In deciding to send their children to our school, each family makes a long-term commitment to engage with our ethos, and to understand how our school works.  And our parents know that it is this commitment which helps make our school such a special place.

Parents and staff working together for the benefit of the children and the school is the basis of our community.  This is at its most outwardly obvious during our school fairs, and this deep partnership helps us hold true to our principles.

A Partnership in Trust

Parents and staff work together at all levels of our collegiate management system, with parents at the very core in our Board of Trustees and School Management Group.  In taking on these  responsibilities our parents work with us in the Steiner spirit – not only in what is done, but how things are done.

Staff and parents joining together to manage the school in this way is essential.  Their success, and their commitment, as with all our parents, is inspiring.

Working Together, Every Day

Wander through our school on any day and you will quickly see how much our parents are involved in daily school life.  There may be a bake sale offering homemade goodies, details of forthcoming events such as the fairs or St. Crux, craft groups making gifts for the school shop… Our parents volunteer their time, enthusiasm and energy in so many ways!  It is very special for the children to see their parents having such a close relationship with their school.

This is our school

Our parents truly feel part of our school, it is theirs as much as it is their childrens.  For example, each class has a parental representative, who takes on the tasks of organizing class fundraising events. And each year every parent commits time and energy to refreshment and renewal of their childrens classrooms and play spaces.

There is a deep satisfaction in seeing children enjoying the fruits of your labour in a place they love, in a community which holds them dear.  In a time when it is all to easy to feel dissociated, this is a rare and wonderful thing.

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