Early childhood is a precious time, full of joy, never to be forgotten… and never to be repeated.  Our  Kindergarten provides a warm, welcoming environment free from pressure where children grow at their own pace.

The day’s activities in Kindergarten reflect those that may take place in the home, such as gardening, baking, painting and singing.  Learning is ‘caught rather than taught’: coordination and creativity are developed from artistic activities, sewing, baking and gardening; language and communication form out of stories, songs and rhymes; numeracy is learnt from counting, sorting and arranging; and physical development is encouraged through running, playing and climbing.

The mixed age group engenders a sense of family and from an early age children are given the opportunity to engage with and relate to children of different ages. From empathising and cooperating with others emerge the first sense of community and membership in society.

Kindergarten teachers provide the children with a role model and encourage and support the child’s own discoveries and increasing sense of wonder about the world. In such an environment children naturally develop an inquisitive nature and a love of learning.  These qualities prepare them to engage in more formal learning in the next stage of their education.

Kindergarten caters for children between the ages of four and seven.  For information on how to join Kindergarten, please see our Admissions page.

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