Main School

Our main school educates children from the age of 6 until they reach 14 years old.

The Class Teacher Years

The years for children aged six to fourteen are the Class Teacher years. Together the children and teacher journey through the curriculum to the end of class eight, building up relationships of confidence and trust.

The children have one main teacher throughout this time, who is there to greet them each morning and who gives the first two hour lesson of each day.  This ‘main’ lesson focuses on the core subjects of the curriculum in block periods of three to four weeks.  It embeds these subjects in a range of physical, artistic and mental activities that stimulate and engage the children, educating through head, heart and hands.

Some subjects, such as handwork, languages, science and eurythmy are taught by specialist teachers.

During the morning the main academic work is done, and the afternoon is given to practical activities such as crafts, eurythmy, gym and woodwork.  Every child participates in all aspects of the curriculum.

After Class Eight

At the end of class eight most children pass on into local secondary schools to successfully take up GCSE courses.  Our school has positive and active links with these schools which continue to be built upon.

Our alumni pages show the wide variety of life and career choices taken up by some of our ex-pupils.

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