Class Eight

Class Eight (age 13-14) marks the culmination and completion of the pupil’s time at York Steiner School.  History is brought up to the present day; geography looks at the world as a whole and includes a study of climate.  Anatomy and physiology are introduced, and physics and chemistry are further developed.  The pupils of Class Eight traditionally each work on a year-long individual project and collectively perform a substantial stage play to conclude the year and to celebrate the completion of their passage through the school.

Finally, their class trip is generally a significant overseas adventure where the children will see places of which they have learnt in the preceding years.

At York we currently do not have an upper school and consequently, for most children, their Waldorf experience ends at age 14.  The development of an Upper School in York remains a long-term aim.

In the meantime, we are very aware that most children will be moving on to state schools, and to GCSEs and A-levels, and our teachers undertake to keep themselves informed as to what the pupils’ needs will be, in order to ensure a smooth and happy transition to the new environment.  Experience has confirmed that this is indeed normally very successful, with our pupils being complimented on their confidence, maturity and enthusiasm for work.

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