Steiner Education: A Video Primer

There are many ways in which we could explain the unique qualities and benefits that Steiner Waldorf education brings to hundreds of thousands of children and their families worldwide.

One way is just to show the videos below and suggest that you may wish to take a look!

This film gives an overview of Steiner education in the UK.

Below is a wonderful film made by Marin Waldorf School with parents, children and other members of their school community demonstrating how our education works in practise, and their thoughts on why a parent should consider Steiner Waldorf education for their children.

The Waldorf School of the Peninsula, located in Silicon Valley, California, have made the video below. Parents, pupils and teachers give their views on Steiner Waldorf education.

The most-watched TED talk, by Sir Ken Robinson, on ‘How Schools Kill Creativity’. He is discussing, primarily, state education. He makes suggestions for significant changes which would enhance creativity and the experience of education for many children, to the benefit of society. Interestingly, many of his proposals are already practised as standard in Steiner Waldorf schools.

Class 8 students from the Rudolf Steiner School in Montreal stayed with us for a few days to visit York as part of a much longer journey. The video below gives us a glimpse of life in the Montreal school…

What Is a Steiner School? A video made for the Steiner Wadldorf Schools Fellowship.

Steiner Waldorf education in Pretoria, South Africa.

Max Stibbe Waldorf School from Lourens Maritz on Vimeo.

And finally, the first part of the film ‘The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner’, which explores Steiner’s life, beliefs and contributions to society, from his philosophy of education to the development of biodynamic farming.


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