How we work

How can a school run without a headteacher?  Through a spirit of enthusiastic, friendly cooperation we feel able to achieve more than through a formal hierarchy.

In line with other Steiner Waldorf schools, York Steiner School is an independent and self-administering school.  It is a registered charity (no. 511974) and a limited company (no. 1591107), and it is administered in a co-operative manner.  There is no head teacher.  The following bodies form the basis of the management structure of the school:

School Association

All members of the school – parents, teachers and co-workers – are invited to join the Association and are encouraged to come to Association meetings. Such meetings are usually concerned with the larger developments in the school.  Reportage, discussion and initiatives are all part of these meetings of which generally there are three per annum. It is usual for each one to have a different theme relating to a certain aspect of school life.

Board of Trustees

The School Trustees are elected by the Association to oversee the legal and financial workings of the school in accordance with charity and company law.  A list of current Trustees is displayed on the notice board outside the school office.  The trustees meet twice per term; once on their own, and once with the School Management Group.

School Management Group

The policy-making body of the school is the School Management Group (SMG), which is made up of parents and teachers.  The holders of the five core mandates (Education, Estates, Finance, HR and PR) sit on the Group and have responsibility for specific areas of school life or management.  Mandate groups bring proposals to SMG for discussion or approval.  SMG meets fortnightly during term time.

Parents and teachers also form the Mandate Groups, working closely with the other groups and reporting to the School Management Group.

Day-to-day Management

On a practical level, we have people who take individual responsibility for certain important areas.  The Business Manager manages the business side of the school including the school’s finances and the Education Manager oversees the educational side of the school.  Both work closely with the teachers and with the management groups and Trustees.

We also have office staff who ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.

To get in touch with the school of with any of our staff, please visit our contacts page.

To find out more about our collegiate management system and how parents contribute to mandates, or if you would like to investigate what it means to become a Trustee, please read about our Ongoing Partnership.

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