Mandate Groups

A targeted partnership of parents and staff.

The school needs expert advice on which to base major decisions.  Providing that information is a significant part of a mandate group’s job.

Similarly, the Board of Trustees or School Management Group may ask a mandate group to carry out a specific task based on the information provided and collegiate decisions taken.

Mandate Groups meet as required, usually at least twice per term, but work together outside these meetings to achieve their aims for the school.

Getting Involved

A list of our mandate groups is shown below.  Our parents contribute their wealth of skills and experience to assist and run our mandate groups.

If you would like to know more, or wish to contribute to a specific mandate, please contact the school office.

Mandate Groups

Early Years

Includes all Early Years staff.


All teachers are invited to join the education mandate.



The Finance Manager, Business Manager and a trustee sit on this group.

Human Resources

The Business Manager, a trustee, plus a teacher from both Early Years and Class years sit on the HR mandate group.

Public Relations

Community Relations


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