Our Philosophy

Our approach is dramatically different from the norm in this country, having closer ties with the education in other European countries.

What is a Steiner School? from Goat on Vimeo.

Whilst many of our children go on to great success in the halls of higher learning, our primary concern is not to turn out academics on some educational production line. We aim, instead, to help each child develop their own inner confidence and to do everything to the best of their ability.

We like them to explore as much of the world as we are able to show them and eventually to make conscious decisions about what they want to do in life.

Our educational process is designed to promote emotional balance, social awareness and intellectual curiosity.  Based on the work of Rudolf Steiner, it focuses equally on the intellectual, artistic and practical in the curriculum.

This approach allows a balanced and comprehensive unfolding of the child’s natural abilities and interests.

Excellence in learning is encouraged, and teachers work to generate self-discipline and genuine enthusiasm for learning, thus rendering competition and streaming unnecessary.

For further information on Rudolf Steiner and Steiner Waldorf education, you may like to visit the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship website, or watch the video above.

A short biography of Rudolf Steiner can be downloaded here if you wish to read more.

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