Reports & Policies

Here you may download the latest Schools Inspection Service reports for York Steiner School, as well as copies of our school policy documents. Please click on the report titles to view, or right-click and save to download.

Absence Policy

Accessibility Plan 

Administering Medicines 


Anti-radicalisation policy and staff guidance

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

British Values Statement

Bullying Prevention Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Procedure

Curriculum Policy

Curricular activities 5-7 years (Appendix 1 of Curriculum policy)

Curriculum (Embedded) 5-7 years (Appendix 2 of Curriculum policy)

Curriculum for the older child in kindergarten (Appendix 3 of Curriculum policy)

Data Protection

DBS Policy

Digital Image

Early Years Behaviour Policy

Early Years Bullying Prevention Policy

Early Years Handbook

Early Years SEND Policy

Early Years Touch and Physical Contact

English as Additional Language Policy

Equal Ops Policy

E-Safety Policy

E-safety advice for parents

E-safety Advice for parents on cyber bullying

Exclusion Policy

First Aid Policy

Food & Drink Policy

Food Preparation Guidelines

Forced Marriage and FGM Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Inclusion Policy

Information for Families Joining the School

Main School Behaviour Policy

Media Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Physical Handling & Use of Reasonable Force

Privacy Notice -Pupils

Privacy Notice – Workforce

Pupil Assessment – Early Years

Recruitment Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

SEN Policy

Schools Inspection Service (SIS) Report 2009

Schools Inspection Service (SIS) Report 2013

Schools Inspection Service (SIS) Report 2016


Social Media Policy

Staff Code of Conduct

Supervision Policy & Guidance for Kindergarten

Tobacco and Smoking Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy



Hard copies of the full range of policies are available from the school office. Additional information regarding Health and Safety, staff numbers and their qualifications are also available on request.  If you require any other specific information  please contact us.

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